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Domestic & International Air Cargo

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Domestic & International Courier


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Reverse Logistics


E-com Logistics

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Critical Logistics


We organize and manage nationwide and worldwide cargo, backed by our dedicated professional staff with a brand new sophisticated technology. We have customized cargo management service programs that provide the most cost-effective way of transporting your consignment anywhere in India or abroad at the earliest possible juncture.  We are committed to providing the best services. In order to meet this promise, we vow to hire people who provide top-notch support to the customers. 

Don’t get in a panic about custom clearance, we’ll handle that!

Use our services and experience the difference! We handle all the formalities with regard to import and customs duties making it a hassle-free option for customers to import goods from one place to another. We are also required to declare customs follow customs formalities, and get customs permission. With such a customized yet expert service, you’ll be happily amazed to find our rates exceptionally competitive and the consignment is delivered at the right destination.

If you want to deliver confidential documents or files like passports, contracts, certificates, logistic documents, letters, and much more across the nation and internationally you can simply approach our team of experts. We will deliver your courier at the right destination at the right time. Both business and individual customers benefits from our domestic and international courier services.

Through our 24/7 support we keep our valuable customers updated. Once your parcel is in transit, we take full advantage of the latest technologies to provide you with timely accurate information related to the delivery of your item. We use high-end technology to improve our service, providing efficient and timely delivery across the globe. Officium provides quality service and value for money, consistently.

We offer economical and impeccable parcel service at every point. We are proud of our excellent reputation for handling time-sensitive cargoes. We adopt a trouble-free method to avoid incidentals to assure your parcel arrives safely and on time. Throughout the network, your parcel is proactively monitored and cared for by our dedicated professional team in our Officium Express Parcel Control Group. Every second counts, so don’t waste time, call now for the immediate collection of your parcel which shall be delivered at the destination at the right time. We have 24-hour delivery options for packages that need to be rushed. When you hand over your parcel with us, we know your expectations are beyond the limit.

Currently, Reverse supply chain has become an essential part of every business. It is found that Reverse travel back of the product into the supply chain can help your company keep away from making the same mistake twice. Reverse logistics experts at Officium design effective solutions to manage high volumes of product returns efficiently striving for the highest performance and meeting quality standards. We are able to provide our clients with an efficient and hassle-free reverse supply chain which is significant for boosting customer loyalty. At the same time, we are also able to strengthen brand identity and maximize value from returned products. We continuously strive to achieve six sigma throughout our process to make Officium, ‘The First choice of our customers’.

Due to the increased usage of the Internet and Mobile phones, the growing acceptability of online payments, and access to these technologies in almost all areas have led to the boom in the E-commerce market. Officium is here to provide creative e-commerce logistic services. This is our professional network channel where the business is done. Our service will be useful for both large and medium businesses. We provide a real-time tracking system. We assure you that we are able to build consumer confidence due to the positive buying experience. We are able to handle high volume with much care and without incidentals to the end customer.

When you need to book an urgent consignment on the day, don’t hang back - get in touch and keep moving with Officium Group. We have a team of professionals who can deliver your time-sensitive items from the point of pick up location to drop off location with much care and speedily delivered in the shortest possible time frame. We recognize the trust you place in us when we deliver your parcel. We are ready to support you and provide you all your supply chain needs. You will be receiving alerts on when to expect your deliveries. Customer relation isn’t short span but we’re in it for the long haul. Therefore, rigorous safety and performance standards are followed at Officium.

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